Summer 2012 Commencement

Congratulations to Bing and Wendy for graduating with their doctorates in Biomedical Science. Bing’s defense took place on June 27, and was entitled “GW182 silences miRNA targets and regulates miRNA stability.” He has accepted a position at Emory University in the laboratory of Dr. Peng Jin and will be starting there in September. Wendy completed her Ph.D. on July 3 with a talk entitled “Hepatitis C Patients Treated With Interferon-Alpha/Ribavirin Therapy Develop Autoantibodies to Distinct Cytoplasmic Rod/Ring Structures Composed of CTP/GTP Nucleotide Biosynthetic Enzymes.” She is now attending the University of Central Florida College of Medicine this fall to earn an M.D. We wish both Bing and Wendy good luck in all of their future endeavors. Congratulations to Dr. Edward Chan, as well, for his achievements in mentoring Bing and Wendy for the duration of their doctoral work.

The Chan Lab would also like to wish the best for Dr. Angela Ceribelli, as she moves on from our lab to continue her work as a rheumatologist in her native country of Italy. Angela was not only a very productive postdoc for our lab, but she was a great friend and mentor to all lab members. We hope that she enjoyed her stay here as much as we did.