Amani wins bronze medal in UF Medical Guild Research Competition

Our graduate student Amani Harrandah recently received the bronze medal in the University of Florida College of Medicine Medical Guild Research Competition. For the competition, each concentration of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences nominated one graduate student to participate, and Amani was selected by the Cancer Biology concentration. The competition consisted of a 15-minute oral presentation with a 5-minute Q&A, plus submission of an abstract, short report, and CV for evaluation by a panel of faculty judges. The awards are based on the presentation plus overall research accomplishments, including publications, presentations, awards, and academic performance. Amani won the bronze medal with her presentation titled “Developing Strategies in Tracking Early Oral Cancer Progression.”

2017 Medical Guild Research Competition Winners
Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences Research Competition Winners with College Officials, Michael Good, M.D., Joseph Fantone, M.D., Thomas Rowe, Ph.D. and UF Medical Guild Officers